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My goal is to bring out the best in your work.  To me that means four things:

1. It Has to Sound Like You: If you have a defined style, I'll work within it. If not, I'll help you find your voice. My favorite feedback from clients is: "This sounds like me, only better!"

2. It Has to Be Meaningful: I work best with clients who have a message. It could be sharing your experience, articulating your brand, selling your product, or changing the world--what matters is that you have a goal we're trying to achieve together.

3. It Has to Be Strategic: If you write a brilliant article, but nobody sees it, was it worth it to you? There are so many outlets and opportunities to share your work with a broad audience, and I'll help you access them to increase engagement and build visibility.

4. It Has to Be Optimized: Typos are distracting. By eliminating them, and restructuring for flow and readability, I help create an optimum reader experience, which makes your work more memorable (for the right reasons!).

My editing experience includes articles, book manuscripts, letters, business proposals, website copy, event programs, job descriptions, and grants. As a consultant, I've worked with a Fortune-100 company, a former NBA player, a wealth management firm, a career expert, and a financial strategist. As an editor for The Muse, I worked with 100+ contributors ranging from professors,  professional authors, and career coaches, to those who were brand new to sharing their insights and thought leadership.


I work with clients with a variety of editorial needs, ranging from early-stage manuscripts to articles in need of simple refining and pitching.

I am comfortable jumping in at any point: be it stewarding a piece from early-stage ideation to completion, to top editing something that needs a second set of eyes. I won't mark something up simply for the sake of it, but I'll always share constructive feedback that could help you with future projects. I diligently fact-check and study up on the background and context for your work to ensure you're reflected in the best light.

I review content with an eye on the details, as well as one on your overall goals for the project. I use a marketing mindset to make sure your audience is engaged, and clear on the message you're targeting.

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My work has been featured by these prestigious publications: