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I had the pleasure of working with Sara as a freelance editor. I had a goal of writing my first book this year, and had no idea where to start. Sara was very helpful in getting me on track and writing. Sara is extremely organized and is a strong project manager. Together we tackled a great deal of content in a short period of time. I travel A LOT and Sara was accommodating to my schedule and kept us moving. She provided transparency around edit changes, updates on hours, and was readily available even after the project to help clean up any loose ends. As an editor Sara was charged with keeping me on task and in a consistent voice throughout the book (not an easy task!). This was a large project and Sara was diligent in ensuring we had strong content throughout the project. From research, to editing Sara was critical to my process. I can happily say that I have finished my first draft with the help of her editing. I would recommend and work with Sara again in the future.
— Jena Burgess, PHR, CEO Coach Jena B., LLC
I have worked with Sara for the past two years through her role as the editor and writer who oversees, edits and curates my column on leadership with

As a professional author and speaker, I like to think I know what I am doing, but Sara always makes my written work better without requiring me to change my voice or approach - no simple task. She’s an honest without being gruff, constructive without being critical and direct without being blunt. I’m a slow learner, but I like to think I have learned a lot from Sara and that I am still growing as a writer. When she suggests major edits, Sara helps me understand the bigger context of what she is recommending. I am impressed with her ability to support the Muse brand and approach while working with a diverse pool of contributors, all with their own approach and style. i have worked with a lot of editors, and Sara is among the best both in terms of her skills as a writer and editor, an as a partner in developing and sharing expert content.
— Jim Morris, Chief Consulting Officer, White Men as Full Diversity Partners

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Smart, driven and always on top of it, Sara is one of those people who I look forward to working with. She is a monthly contributor for Mashable, where I’ve had the pleasure of helping edit and publish over 15 of her career advice articles. Not only does Sara continue to come up with fresh story ideas month after month, but she also asks for feedback and guidance because she’s always thinking of Mashable’s readers and how she can help them be all-around better professionals. Even when Sara comes up to New York for her other writing position at The Muse, she always stops by our office and catches up in person − usually over coffee and donuts because, as Sara knows, sweets are never a bad idea. Truly talented and passionate about what she does, Sara would be a wonderful addition to any editorial team.
— Celeste Allen, Former Editor at Mashable
Sara organized and structured our team so that it is focused strategically and is poised for even greater success. And she did it all remotely. Sara is reliable and thoughtful (and very smart!). Highly recommend.
— Eitan Webb, Chaplain at Princeton University
Before working with Sara, I didn’t really know the difference between a good and great editor.

And just to be clear here : Sara McCord is a great editor!

First, she’s completely objective. Your writing style might not be in tandem with Sara’s, but that doesn’t get in her way when it comes to helping you create killer content.

And of course, she’s got that eye for correcting syntax problems or imperceptible errors in punctuation, but what she brings is so much more than a command of language.

In working on any piece with Sara, I could tell she was genuinely curious about my ideas and serious about making them stand out on the page. I could feel the vision she brought to our work together and I quickly came to trust her instincts when it came to my column.

But to top it all off, she’s incredibly responsive, supportive, and consultative—I can confidently say her editing process is every writer’s dream.
— Erica Breuer, Brand Strategist