My work extends beyond knowing whether to use "effect" or "affect" in a given sentence.

Don't get me wrong: You want to get that right, and proofreading is a key part of my job. But, as the saying goes: There's an app for that.


That's where my emphasis on strategy comes in. I care not only about creating stronger content, but what that content can do.

When I launched my company, I found that individuals, small businesses, and large companies alike were all struggling with the same challenge. They needed help zeroing in on clear, compelling messaging that would help them meet their goals. Once they had that direction, they needed to create fresh content that resonated with their target audience.

Good news: That’s my specialty.

I wrote 220+ pieces for The Muse and Mashable, and I’ve been syndicated by prestigious outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, CNBC, Time, Newsweek, Inc., and Fast Company. My editing experience includes articles by 100+ writers, book manuscripts, letters, business proposals, professional bios, websites, event programs, job descriptions, and grants. As a consultant, I've worked with a Fortune-100 company, non-profits, wealth management firms, career experts, a real estate investment firm, and a financial strategist. 

I help individuals and companies execute broad content goals, from thought leadership and visibility to rebranding. 

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