The Moses Warren McCord Memorial Fund

It seemed only right that we honor Moses’ memory by helping other premature babies, and by extension, their families. And so, we established the Moses Warren McCord Memorial Fund at Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC. The fund supports acute care, palliative care, and research for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We want to help the most vulnerable babies, with the ultimate goal that their families will get to bring them home (and if for any reason they can't, this fund will help them, too).

We've raised more than $20,000 for the #1 NICU in the nation since we began. This is a fund at Children’s National, so all donations go directly to the hospital.

On Saturday, October 19, 2019 our team is participating once again this year in the Children’s National Race for Every Child 5K and Kids Dash at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. Moses would have turned five this September and we race in his memory.

To donate online, click here and then “Donate to our team.”

Most recent update: These are the stories of three families who were supported in their toughest moments through Moses’ fund last year:⁣

One family gave birth to a child with a life-limiting disease. The entire extended family lived in Ethiopia and wanted the baby to spend their days alive with family. The fund paid for the oxygen so the baby could travel home.

Two families felt strongly they wanted to be able to bury their babies (as opposed to cremation) but couldn’t afford it. Moses’ fund paid for these families to have burials quickly and without having to wait for (and not receive) state assistance, and they were able to honor their sweet babies and will be able to visit them.⁣

These are just a few stories of families who forever benefited from the Moses Warren McCord Memorial Fund last year, which helps the most NICU babies through supporting acute care, research, palliative care and care for bereaved families. ⁣

Mac and I couldn’t be more grateful to support Children’s National. #1 NICU in the nation, and their thoughtfulness is unparalleled. Each year when we visit, we hear of new, incredible initiatives. ⁣

This past year, they built a new wing where each room includes a fold out bed and bathroom so families who have long stays can truly stay with their baby. For families who can’t be there as much as they like, they have secure webcams so the families can watch their babies. I can only imagine how meaningful it would have been if Mac could watch Moses from his desk at work, or if we could’ve given the link to our family to literally see what a feisty, brilliant boy Moses was.⁣
They showed us the equipment they use to practice evacuation drills and how the team could care for each baby, reminding me once again so powerful that NICU doctors and nurses are superhero’s.⁣⁣
And they also treat Mac and I with so much love and thoughtfulness. They all took time out of their afternoons, fed us lunch, shared stories of the past year, walked us through the unit, gave us a new backpack and toys for Aviva, and kept thanking us. Which is incredible because all we wanted to do is thank them for letting us be a small part of their great work. ⁣⁣
Thank YOU for supporting us with your words, donations, understanding and love. This work helps family through their hardest moments and you help us make it possible.

All donations to Team #RememberingMoses support the Moses Warren McCord Memorial Fund, benefiting the most vulnerable NICU babies. The fund supports acute care, research, and palliative care. 

 Thank you for continuing to remember Moses with us.


You can also donate by check to Children’s National Hospital. Be sure to include Fund #44521 the Moses Warren McCord Memorial Fund.


you can read moses’ story here.


Thank you so much for visiting this page and for donating to #RememberingMoses. We are deeply honored by and appreciative of each and every one of you who donate! The support of our family, friends, and communities (near and far) means the world to Mac and me.