What Is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is a plan that uses materials that you create to advance your goals. The best content strategies are well thought out, written down,  and connect the dots between original content (such as articles, ebooks, video, slideshows, collateral) and your goals (e.g., increase visibility, increase revenue, grow your customer base).

A successful content strategy takes into account your company, your customer, and your industry.  Your content should highlight what differentiates you or your company. It should reinforce your expertise and add value for your customer or client. To see the best results, you'll want to optimize your content in accordance with best practices for marketing, SEO, and social sharing.

What Do People Mean When They Say: "Content Is King?"

When someone says, "content is king," they're referring to how influential content marketing can be. (Case in point: Just think of how a viral blog post can make a person or product a household name!) 

More specifically, with every piece of content you create you have the opportunity to increase brand recognition, connect with customers, and advance business goals. By using targeted keywords, you can increase traffic to your site. When you create a valuable guide or thought-provoking article or video,  you give people a reason to share your work with their networks.

Content allows you to share your expertise and reach a broad audience in an authentic way.

How Will a Content Strategy Help Me Grow My Business?

First, let's consider the alternative. What happens when there's no content strategy in place? Often, it's some form of communications chaos. There's a feeling of chasing your tail as you try to throw some materials together after a long lag in sharing anything at all, and as a result, your outcomes are highly scattered.

On the other hard, a content strategy--particularly as part of a larger communications plan--is  an organized, measurable plan to help you meet your goals. 

How Do I Become Known as a Thought Leader?

Some people use the terms "thought leader" and "influencer" interchangeably. However, I do not believe a large following is the best way to gauge whether someone is a thought leader.

To truly be a thought leader, you must share expertise in a fresh and compelling way. That's where the "leader" part comes in: You're at the front of the pack in identifying (or clearly articulating) a trend or concept that will make a difference for people in your industry. 

I prefer this definition because it removes an unrealistic barrier to entry, and instead makes it the responsibility of the writer to produce something of great value.