1 Easy Way to Post More Brand-Boosting Content (in Less Time)

Content is a quality and quantity game.

I would never suggest that you prioritize the number of articles you create at the expense of writing valuable, original posts. However, if you post infrequently, your content will grow stale and you'll lose prospective followers.

So, what's a busy person to do? The key is to implement time-saving systems so that you can build your brand and increase visibility without having to sacrifice hours you don't have.

For example, one of my favorite time-saving content tips is segmenting and bundling various pieces of the process. Here's what I mean:

Every aspect of creating and uploading an article takes time, but often, when you’re “in the flow” of one part of the process, you can accomplish more in that vein and save time down the road. For example, when I’m selecting photos for an article, I never download just one. I’ll download any picture that relate to topics I frequently write on (e.g., computers, typing, workspaces, businesspeople); and as a result, for the next several posts I write, I'll have pre-selected photos on hand.

Here are key aspects of the content creation process that you can bundle:

  1. Brainstorming Topics: Create a topic list for yourself, and whenever you have an idea to add, push yourself to come up with two or three more before you save and close out.
  2. Outlining: Don't stop once you've listed out the key points for your next post. Ask yourself if you can jot down notes for any others on your topic list.
  3. Selecting Photos: As I mentioned above, if you're setting aside time to look for photos for a post, download any you come across that you can foresee yourself using for future articles. Save them in a separate folder (or save the links in the same document), so that you can go right to it and find images that fit with your visual aesthetic. 
  4. Uploading Posts: There's no rule that you have to upload articles one at a time. In fact, uploading several and scheduling them out ensures your posts will go live exactly when you want them to--without requiring you to set aside the additional time to log into your website or social media platform.

Many people list a lack of time as a key reason they feel unable to meet their content and branding goals. Look for shortcuts that'll help you take the ball to the goal so you can keep getting yourself out there.

Comment below: What are your favorite time-saving tips?