What if Your Hypothesis Is Wrong?

I know: "What if your hypothesis is wrong?" is a sobering question. But if your marketing efforts aren't successful after ample time to work out kinks and gain traction; you have to go back to the foundational ideas you created your marketing plan with. 

Could something be off? Such as:

  • Whom your targeting

  • What you imagine their #1 need is re: your offering

  • What you imagine they most want to hear from you (or your brand...)

Here’s an example: Say you’d originally decided you wanted a defining element of your brand to be authenticity and so you share a lot of lifestyle content so your user can get to know you. However, what if your ideal client is coming to you for technical knowhow specific to your product--and they already look to lifestyle experts for content you're unknowingly overdoing? The result: What you think is personable confuses prospects and negatively impacts everything from engagement to lead generation.

Or, maybe your ads aren't appealing to the target audience you've selected based on their time, interest, bandwidth, priorities--but once you reassess the core thought process behind how you're selling the value you create, you'll see better results. This is where A-B testing and analyzing data can prove very helpful.

Of course, it’s hard to distill when it's time for a pivot and what'll make it successful into one post. It’s important to give strategies time to work, and to stay true to what’s important to you. But if things aren’t clicking, a starting point can be: What if my hypothesis was wrong? If you're looking for someone to troubleshoot this with you in a candid, meaningful way, reach out and we can discuss your branding and marketing efforts.