Just Write the Article

It doesn't matter how exceptional your ideas are if you never write them down and get them out into the world. Take it from me--the person with numerous saved drafts I want to go over just one more time: Sometimes, you need to let go and hit publish.

When I was at The Muse, I edited an article for the author Kelly Bennett Seiler. Her #1 piece of advice for getting published by a top five publishing house: "Write the book."

In other words, you've probably met many people who tell you'd they'd like to write a book someday (and probably even more who've thought it, but haven't said it out loud). However, only a small segment of these people will follow through and put pen to paper. 

One of the greatest barriers to entry is one we create for ourselves: If you never write a manuscript, you won't have one to share--no matter what opportunity you're presented with.

To be seen as a thought leader--or even someone with expertise to share, you must consistently create content that reflects your brand. If you're struggling to hit publish, consider this quote I recently heard from the author Liz Gilbert: "Perfectionism is the haute couture version of fear."

True story: I'm not spending nearly as long as I'd like to on this post. But I'm sharing an idea to help others improve their communications efforts and I'm hitting publish, and that's the ballgame.