The 3 Types of Content I'll Be Sharing

Successful content helps you meet your goals. This seven-word sentence is a great start to understanding content strategy.

  • You must identify business (or personal branding) goals.
  • You must know how you'll define success (i.e., your goals must be measurable).
  • You must create a plan that utilizes content to meet your goals.

To be clear: This is an oversimplification. A good content strategy always considers your customer's needs and perspective, the competitive landscape in your industry, and much more.

However, these three questions (What are my goals? How will I measure my progress? What's my strategy to get from here to there?) can will help you make the shift from sharing "anything of interest" to content that will advance your brand.

So, let's take my (brand new!) resources page an example. My goals are to generate new business leads, grow my overall audience and visibility, and to add value for current and prospective clients. I'll measure my success through the conversion rate of how many people move from an article to heading over to the contact page; through tracking traffic, uniques, and new followers on social media; and through comments and social shares indicating people found my articles to be useful.

With these answers in mind, my plan is to post three categories of content. The first category "Communication + Content," will be comprised of articles like this one that provide tangible communication and content strategy advice. The second category I'll be calling "Communication + Career." It's a nod to the evolution of my brand, and based on my unique background and strong search results in career advice, so this is a smart traffic move (as well as a passion project!). The third category "Communication + Top Reads" will feature the articles I'm reading to expand my knowledge base. I know this will add even more value to the resource page.

With all of this mind, I hope you'll check back throughout the week for new articles, and sign up for my newsletter (below) so you won't miss anything! And if you want to learn more, send me a note.