How NOT to Praise Your Employee’s Work (And What to Say Instead)

Providing negative feedback is one of the hardest parts of any manager’s job. For example, you would need different approaches for a new employee who may benefit from additional training as compared to a seasoned employee who always gets defensive.

Theoretically, giving positive feedback should be much easier. Your employee does something great, you recognize his or her contribution, and everyone feels good about their work.

However, it doesn’t always work out that way. In other words, managers also need to be thoughtful about how they convey positive messages.

What happens when your employees don’t take your praise in stride; when in fact, they seem strangely disheartened? As a manager, it can be confusing, because often we think that positive feedback should be intuitive. It’s good news; what more is there to know?

Actually, just like there are do’s and don’ts for giving negative feedback, there are strategies for giving positive feedback that make your employees feel valued and encouraged. Read on for two common blunders — and what you can do instead.

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