Why There's No Such Thing as a "Sign" You Did or Didn't Get the Job

Job searching can be an enigmatic process. For weeks leading up to your interview, you’re basically a private investigator. You research a company before you submit your application. You scope out your potential boss before the big day. You pay close attention to how the interviewer receives your answers—assessing whether or not you should change gears. Then you go home and reflect on the interview as you write a fabulous thank you note.

And then, you’re supposed to
do absolutely nothing.

That’s right—the next step is patiently awaiting the hiring manager’s decision. And if you try to put your newly sharpened sleuthing skills to good use, well-meaning friends will advise you to “stop obsessing.” But that’s easier said than done.

Before you start (re)analyzing every potential omen, remember it’s easy to mistake even the most obvious signs. Here’s why:

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