Phone Interview Fail: What to Do When You're Distracted on the Call

We’ve all been there: You’re on the phone during an afternoon walk, and suddenly, fire engines are barreling down the street and you can’t hear anything. Or you plan to take a work call at your local Starbucks—but for some reason, the music is 10 times louder than usual. Or there was crazy construction on the highway, and so instead of chatting from your home office, you’re in your car on your Bluetooth.

Now, imagine this isn’t just any call: It’s a phone interview.

As you’d imagine, you need a whole different set of survival skills when you’re dealing with a distracting situation—and trying to land a job. True story: I once had building maintenance knock on my apartment door to search for the source of a leak during a phone interview.

Here’s what I learned from the experience.

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