How to (Non-Awkwardly) Reach Out to Old Contacts

According to a recent Inc. article, the most valuable people in your network are your “dormant ties,” defined as people you used to know but don’t currently keep in touch with. And while that may be true, I’d argue it’s only the first piece of the puzzle. How you reach out is just as critical as to whom.

Think about it: When an old associate contacts you out of the blue, you’re either pleased or perplexed to hear from him or her. If a former employee reaches out thoughtfully—perhaps with an article of interest, a compliment on a recent achievement, or a succinct ask—you’re much more likely to respond than if he or she feigns being your long lost best friend (it happens, and it’s not pretty).

To make sure you’re communicating the right way, here are three different methods you can use to reach out to former contacts.

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