3 Ways to Answer "What Do You Do?" When You're Unemployed

You know that asking someone what he or she does for a living is a surefire conversation starter. Unlike commiserating over the weather or complimenting someone on her necklace, “So, what do you do?” lends itself to follow-up questions that can keep a conversation going.

That is, of course, when both people are gainfully employed. 

Responding to this common question can feel uncomfortable if you’ve recently quit or lost your job, and your response begins, “Well I used to…” or, “Well I’m looking…” But there’s no reason you should have to feel bad or give an awkward answer. Come prepared with a stellar response, and you’ll impress new professional and social contacts with your poise in light of an (unintentionally) tough question.

See below for three ways to gracefully answer, “What do you do?” (no matter what you’re really thinking).

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