How Not to Reconnect With an Old Contact

You know by now that there are many reasons why a strong network is invaluable. One of the best is that your network is a group of people with whom you don’t have to start at square one: Meaning, you don’t need to build rapport before you pitch a business opportunity or potential partnership.

The problem? People take advantage of this all too often. Remember: Just because you didn’t have to work to get an introduction, doesn’t mean you can simply wing the rest. It’s tempting to think, “My contacts already know I’m smart and professional, so obviously, any opportunity I approach them with is a good one.” But even if people believe in you, and even if they believe you’d be a great hire, business partner, vendor, or whatever, people aren’t just looking for a good opportunity, they’re looking for the right opportunity. And selling anyone on the right opportunity takes prep work and a solid approach.

So, how can you ensure your contacts give your pitch serious consideration? Pitches are, of course, as unique as the products or experiences themselves, but I can tell you—across the board—there are four things you must avoid at all costs. Read on to make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes when reconnecting with an old contact for a business opportunity.

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