4 Sneaky Ways to Determine Company Culture in an Interview

When you’re looking for a new job, you don’t just want the right position—you want the right culture fit: An office that matches your laid-back vibe, your work-hard-play-hard attitude, or your uber-creative personality. A team that supports your love for collaboration, your do-it-yourself spirit, or your desire to have a great mentor.

Sure, you could do good work anywhere—but if the attitudes and predispositions of the workplace feel like second nature, you’re more likely to hit the ground running (and to be happy there for the long haul).

But unfortunately, you can’t just ask “Can you tell me about the company culture?” and consider yourself covered. Much like you tout your best self in an interview, the person you’re interviewing with is putting his or her best foot forward—and you may hear a canned response that gives you very little insight.

So, your best bet is to ask questions that (okay, sneakily) give you the real details about what it’s like to work there. Try these four to get you started.

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