6 Secrets for Avoiding Interruptions at Work

You’re working on a major project, and you’ve blocked out a few hours to really knock it out. But just as you’re getting into the zone, your boss stops by to drop off some paperwork. Then your co-worker comes over to chat about next week’s meeting. Your phone rings. Your email dings. You face one disruption after another. And when you finally get back to your project, all of your brilliant new thoughts (not to mention motivation) are long gone.

Unfortunately, managing these interruptions isn’t as easy as closing your office door (just ask the colleague thinking “should I or shouldn’t I knock?”) or telling your co-workers to go away. (I gained a bit of a reputation at a prior job for a death stare I gave when I was too busy to chat—let’s just say, not the best approach.)

But, as I learned, there are some simple, effective ways to refocus after interruptions or, even better, prevent them in the first place. Use the following ideas to stop unanticipated breaks from throwing you off your game.

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