Still Behind After Sandy? 4 Steps to Catch Up

At my last job, my work was highly cyclical. There would be weeks in the summer when I could address the "to do whenever I have time" project list, and the two biggest deadlines of the year were less than two weeks apart in December.

On the morning of my first major deadline, our server crashed. And my colleague with two years more experience, who had faced this deadline before, wasn't there because his wife had given birth that morning (that also explains why he wasn't taking my calls).

So on a day with one of the highest volumes of phone calls and emails, I was receiving repeated "Do you know your website is down?" messages. Surely this is an extreme situation. But we all face days when we have to play serious catch-up, and that is what inspired the ideas for my latest The Daily Muse piece.

Moreover, as you can tell from the title, this piece was written in light of Hurricane Sandy. My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected. Visit or text REDCROSS” to 90999  to donate to the relief efforts.