6 Popular Job Search Tips You're Better Off Ignoring

You’re on the hunt for a new job, and your friends have offered you some well-intentioned advice. That’s great—unless you take their suggestions literally.

Read on for six common job-hunting refrains that, if followed too closely, can cost you your dream position.

1. “Take Initiative”

Ostensibly, this is good advice. Putting in extra effort by reaching out to your network, getting creative, and being ballsy can help you be successful. 

Unfortunately, however, this advice can steer some candidates horribly wrong (like when they interpret the advice to mean that they should doggedly pursue the job like a bloodhound that’s picked up a scent).

An all-too-common example? Applicants who push to schedule their own interview. As an applicant, you should never write in your application that you’ll “be in touch to schedule an interview.” That’s the hiring manager’s job, and asserting that you’ll lead the process not only makes you look aggressive, but also like you’ll end up disempowering your team members. Avoid this impression by taking initiative within the constraints of your role as an applicant—meaning that you can always respond promptly and offer to provide additional information, but stick to closing your letter with “Thank you for your time and consideration.”

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