The 2 Times You'll Make a Better Impression if You Don't Fire Off a Quick Email Reply

Here’s something great about smartphones: Someone sends you an email, and while you’re waiting in line or in transit, you can shoot back a quick reply and check it off your list. 

And now for something not so great about smartphones: They let you respond instantaneously. 

Let me explain. Do you ever skim an incoming message and fire off a quick response while you’re waiting around or going from place to place? (Confession: I’ve sent emails while I was on the treadmill.)

It seems convenient, expedient—even considerate—to get back to someone ASAP. However, if your reply drops all formalities (and you’re not at that level), or worse, doesn’t answer the other person’s question; it actually makes you look bad.

So, here are the two times when waiting to send an email back will make a much better impression.

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