How to Prepare for a Last-Minute Interview in 30 Minutes

Great news! A hiring manager called and wants you to come in for an interview—this afternoon. You can move your schedule around and tell your boss you have an emergency dentist appointment, but in all reality, you only have 30 minutes to prep.

Yes, you could’ve asked about rescheduling (and for future reference, that’s actually a good option), but in your enthusiasm you said “Absolutely!” and requested the address of HQ. And you know that calling back and asking to change the time is a no-no, because it’ll make it seem like you struggle to think on your feet.

So, here it is: Your guide to prep for your upcoming interview in 30 minutes. 

Minutes 1 Through 10: Read Up

If you’re interviewing for an actual, posted position, you’re going to want to read through it with a fine-toothed comb. If you can print it out (i.e., you’re home), do it and circle keywords that jump out to you (think: “strong communicator” or “experienced manager”). If you’re reading it on your phone or tablet, take screenshots so you can review it on the move if you have extra time.

Then, read up on the company. Look at the about page and mission statement, click through social profiles or a blog to see what news or events the company is currently pushing. Google the organization and see what comes up first. 

No, you’re not going to have time to read article after article. But just clicking through headlines and getting a sense that the organization’s annual charity fundraiser is next week or that it’s doubling in size will make you feel less like you’re playing catch-up when you arrive at your interview.

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