3 Signs You Have a Reputation for Wasting People's Time (and You Don't Even Know It)

You pride yourself on being punctual. You always leave a cushion in case there’s traffic. And yes, sometimes you arrive so far in advance of meetings—and social get-togethers—that you have to kill some time so as to not be awkwardly early.

And as someone so very aware of time, you consider other people’s schedules, too. You’d never dream of being the person who texts that she’s “five minutes away,” when she’s actually just leaving her apartment, nor would you change meeting times around, forcing a contact to rearrange his whole afternoon. And while those basics are appreciated, it’s possible to be punctual and still be labeled a time waster. 

How so? Because even if you keep every 30-minute meeting to a half-hour, people will feel like their time is being wasted if they don’t accomplish what they’d planned to. 

Here are the signs you’re (unknowingly) being a time waster—and what you can do about it:

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