How to Handle Someone Who Insists on Going Over Your Head

I’m by no means a shrinking violet. But I have, on multiple occasions in my career, come up against people who treat me like I’m not “important enough” to work with them. And despite the fact that I usually feel pretty confident, this experience often leaves me a bit stunned.

You know the people I’m talking about, because you’ve probably come across them too. They’re the ones who CC your boss on every email, who talk over you when you work one-on-one, or who dismiss your ideas before you even have a chance to get them out.

Well, the good thing about handling these snobs (no wait, bullies; no wait, difficult clients or co-workers) is that learning to work with them provides you with invaluable skills. For example, what to do the next time someone insists on escalating a conversation to your manager. 

Here’s my three-step plan to dealing with someone like this.

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