3 Simple Ways to Tell an Employee You Were Wrong

Managers put a lot of effort into providing constructive criticism for their employees. They work to individualize feedback and make it really valuable to a given person, even those who are infamous for not taking suggestions in stride.

But conversations about room for improvement aren’t always centered on the employee. Sometimes you, the manager, are the person who screwed up.

Everyone makes mistakes, but being in a leadership role often seems to add a layer of confusion. Maybe your inclination is to downplay or even hide what you did, because you’re worried that admitting an error will make you look unqualified. To the contrary, covering it up could lead your employees to be in the one-third of respondents surveyed by the American Psychological Association who said, “My employer is not always honest and truthful.”

These sentiments are the enemy of open communication and can harm your workplace relationships. With that in mind, here’s how to communicate your error:

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