4 Ways to Convey Genuine, Non-Robot-Like Enthusiasm if You're Not a Bubbly Person

Picture this: Three friends are catching up over drinks, and one shares the big news that she’s finally landed her dream job! Friend two screams and waves her hands around in front of her face, while the third says measuredly, “That’s great. I’m really happy for you.” 

There’s no salacious, frenemy backstory: she simply isn’t a screaming, hand-waving kind of person. She’s genuinely thrilled, but she has the kind of voice that’s perfect for leading guided meditations (and less suited to expressing enthusiasm). And while her BFFs get it, it can make her look bad in professional situations. 

Luckily, showing enthusiasm—even if you’re not a naturally bubbly person—is easier than you think (and doesn’t include fake, plastered smiles). The trick is to get specific. Here’s how it works:

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