3 Ways Supporting Your Co-workers Can Advance Your Career

I’m sure you’ve seen the articles on things you can do — independently — to bolster your career prospects. You can take steps to get more face time with your boss, you can volunteer to take ownership over projects and you can develop other talents on the side.

But the thing is: Advancements aren’t all you, you, you. In other words, I’m sure several of the job descriptions you've seen call for a “team player,” and in job interviews, you you may have been asked to describe how you work with others.

So even if you nail your solo tasks, you still have to be able to work with a group. And the good news is, “team player” is more than an interview buzzword — supporting your colleagues can also advance your career. Here’s how:

1. Learn something new

Maybe you have a job where you do something new and different each day. But many of us hold roles that are fairly routinized. You work on the same projects or towards the same set of goals day in and day out. And even if you’re committed to innovating within your workload, you’re still only engaging with your assignments.

As soon as you step outside of your workload and volunteer to help your colleagues, you’re opening up the door to new insights. Maybe you partner with a coworker in the same department, but her experience lends a totally different perspective to the work you’re doing. Even better, maybe you work across departments.

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