Hack Your Blowout: The Secrets to Getting Your Best Look on the Road

Blow-dry bars are a wonderful innovation for women business travelers. You’re in; you’re out; and you don’t have to fit a set of rollers in your suitcase in order to look your best while on the road.

But at the same time, as your very goal is to maximize every hour, dollar, and experience—you want to make sure you leave looking ready to tackle the day ahead (not, you know, go to prom). And Yelp reviews are…varied.

That’s where this little secret comes in handy: The menu of signature styles isn’t the be-all, end-all; rather, it’s a jumping off point. You can (and should!) personalize your blowout experience. To get the best look for you, take the following steps during the consultation before you’re taken back for shampoo.

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