From The Editor: 3 Tips From My Latest Business Trip

Last Wednesday morning, an ice storm closed schools and suspended public transit throughout New Jersey. Across the state—really across the tri-state area—people were making arrangements to work from home.

Not me. I had to return my rental car by 10:00 a.m., get a lift to the station, then take a 10:37 Amtrak down to Washington, DC for the third and final leg of my twelve-day business trip.
So I ventured out, driving an average speed of twenty-five miles per hour around ice patches and downed branches to return the rental car. I made it to the transit center, and then…I saw my train would be 90 minutes delayed.

Interestingly, this also meant that the 9:09 train was arriving right as I was due to leave. I knew that departing when I had originally planned was the only way to stay on schedule, but beyond that I had a feeling that this was the train I should take. So I grabbed my suitcase (a hard-case that was cracking due to my propensity to pack one extra sweater—and pair of leggings, and dress pants, and shoes…) and descended the stairs down to the track, hoping the conductor would let me board.

I know you’ve been there too—changing a 4:00 p.m. video-conference to a call because you have no idea where you’ll be; or wearing a blazer over a sweater because repacking always seems to take up more space than packing; or wondering when and how you’re going to fit in the little things, like calling your significant other or, you know, eating lunch.

But there is a better way, and that’s why I’m so excited to be the newest member of the Stiletto Dash Team. As Chief Editing Dasher it’s my job to write, edit, and curate content that will inspire and support you in your day-to-day as a woman business traveler. In that spirit, I have 3 tips to share from my latest trip.

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