Six Things I Pack When I Travel

Travelling for work is different than travelling for leisure—a massive day bag isn’t fashion it’s cumbersome; a fresh appearance isn’t just lovely, it adds to your professionalism.

Needless to say, now that I’m on the road for work what seems like every few weeks, I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade. Read on for six things I can’t live without.

Four Must-Haves for Anyone:
  1. Ipad Mini and Logitech Keyboard: The Ipad Mini and Logitech keyboard have revolutionized work on-the-go for me. Their size and weight makes them significantly more portable than a laptop, and the keyboard makes taking notes in meetings about one thousand times easier than doing so on a touch screen.
    Here’s my Tiotil post for the Logitech Keyboard
  2. Wisps: When half of your job is drinking coffee with people and the other half is speaking to them, of course you want to make sure you have fresh breath. Trust me, Wisps (or the drugstore knock-off) are better than gum (unprofessional), mints (which can’t get anything out of your teeth), floss (which only gets things out of your teeth), or a travel bottle of Listerine (which is totally impractical).
    Here’s a link to Amazon for Colgate Wisps.
  3. Visine: Work trips are exhausting. Regardless if you have allergies or contacts, Visine is worth packing so you can look literally “bright-eyed” especially when you’re stepping off a plane. I also just like having a small bottle of drops in my bag for all sorts of unscientifically proven reasons. For example, I’ll put it on a paper cut or blister in a pinch before I put on a band-aid (You’re wincing now but someday you’ll thank me).
    Here’s a link to Amazon for Visine
  4. A Small Notebook and Pen: Yes, it’s old-school and yes I just professed my love for my Ipad mini and it’s keyboard. But batteries die, WIFI cuts out, and sometimes you only have a small window of time to take down an address, a number, or some other vital piece of information. Moreover, it makes you seem extra prepared when—even in the digital age—you can answer the question, “Does anyone have a pen?”
    I like the Batik & Crinkle Journals @ PaperSource
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