Cover Letter Corner

Something kind of awesome happened tonight--a complete stranger, having read my latest Daily Muse piece, messaged me to read his cover letter and send along my thoughts. He agreed to allow me to post his letter as well as my feedback, which I cautioned might not be what he hoped. Alas, Cover Letter Corner was born. (His approach is, in his words, "unorthodox." Stay tuned for what I would call it.)

My thinking is this: friends and loved ones ask me to read their job application materials, and I would have decided to open this service up--free of charge--to anyone who will let me post his or her letter (or resume,or question) on my blog, complete with my critique.

If you're interested, please send any material to Sara McCord at Please include whether you would rather have your name (and/or other personal information) included or redacted.

I look forward to grabbing a latte and talking through applications with you. You will be able to find all of these posts under the Top Tab "Cover Letter Corner."

Now for the fine print:
1. By emailing me, you are consenting for me to post what you send on my blog along with my honest opinion of it (no matter how positive or negative).
2. I do not guarantee that I will read, respond to, post or critique any email that I receive. I will decide what content I will and will not post per my sole discretion. If I decide to use something you have sent, I will email you back within one week. If you do not hear back, I appreciate your time, but will not be reviewing your work (on my blog or otherwise).

Editor's Note: This post was published several years ago and I no longer check this email account nor work on this project.