Buying Wine on A Budget

A PP55 alumni and her husband recently launched a site called Tiotil (Things I Own That I Love). It's place to post pictures and follow friends, but the main and distinguishing idea is this--that product reviews would be infinitely more helpful if they came from a trusted source (aka your network). How great would it be if the next time you wanted a sharp knife, new laptop, or nice sheets you could head on over to a site where you could see what your friends recommend (and even post requests for what you're looking for)? There is also a built-in mechanism so you can generate income when followers buy what you suggest.

Tiotil recently launched a lifestyle blog, and I am honored to have been selected to write the first lifestyle post. It's about shopping for budget wine (recommendations included!). So check out my suggestions, and then join me in raising a glass to Sara & John, newlyweds and founders of Tiotil.

Buying Wine on a Budget: Crowd-Pleasers Under $15