Valentine's Day

Mac and I met at a Valentine's Day party 5 years ago.  So Valentine's Day is not a Hallmark Holiday for me, it's an anniversary. (And, since Mac was in Maine and I was in New Jersey on our first wedding anniversary, it's still the only anniversary we've celebrated together).

This morning, I was thinking through our Valentine's Days, and realized that we've spent at least one every place we have lived. We met in Lancaster, and that's where our story began. We met at a Valentine's Day Party. Mac was leaving for Bucknell the next day and I never thought I'd see him again. Thankfully, I was mistaken.

I vividly remember spending our one year anniversary at my apartment in DC. I'm glad we have that memory there, because I lived there for less than eight months.(Actually, the "special days" that stick out for me when thinking about my time in DC are more political than romantic-touring the White House with Natalie and M.A., the Inauguration Party I went to with Aunt Alla, Inauguration with Courtney et. al, World Refugee Day...). Anyhow, I remember Mac knocking on my door with red roses and pink carnations in a red vase with love bedazzled on the front (anyone who has known us since then probably thinks of Starbursts when they think of the "love jar").

The next Valentine's Day, we were in Lewisburg.  It was days before Mac got the job coaching at Princeton. When Valentine's Day came, I was the one working the full-time job (at the auto warehouse) and Mac was waiting to hear. It was our first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple, and he knew how much I loved flowers. I remember getting ready for bed, walking into the room, and seeing my childhood teddy bear with a single long stem rose. It was so sweet and so perfect...and I was in complete surprise when the next morning included a bouquet of flowers Mac had hidden (I guess he had practice from hiding the ring of knowing places in the house I didn't check or obviously clean very thoroughly).

The next Valentine's Day was our first in Princeton, and we had our wedding coming up that June. The next was our second in Princeton, and I remember being so excited to shop in the card section that said "For My Husband." This morning, I woke up to Valentine's Day presents in Maine, and couldn't help but reflect on this journey together.