Sunday was my two-year anniversary at my current job, and also the day I received my farewell gift. I began training my successor yesterday, and he will start full time next week. I have a farewell brunch with girlfriends in the city this weekend; lunches, dinner, drinks and likely a fundraiser in my hometown in less than two weeks; and a goodbye to Princeton party on the 29th- the night before we hop into the U-Haul and take the drive up to Maine. 

Certainly, we're not moving that far. But, we are most definitely transitioning. One of us has a new job and the other will be newly unemployed (I think whoever coined the term funemployment had an offer or a trust-fund or one too many cocktails in hand). New apartment. New landscape. New friends to make, to new community to build, new grocery store layout to learn, new dry-cleaners to find. Sell the car, switch the cable, cancel the PSE&G, donate, pack, tell everyone how much you appreciate them. Look uncertainty in the face and smile, because it's your first move to be with your husband. You signed up to be a coach's wife, even after you knew it meant more than long hours and tailgating. 

How do you "stay present" when your present is packing up the past two years, and transitioning everything around you into your future? How do continue to live your "normal" when it's losing its relevancy? Sure your apartment is the same apartment you've lived in since June 2010, but you're filling it with boxes. Your desk has to be cleaned out by Friday and next week you'll be at the intern desk training your successor. Your friends want to know how you feel about your next steps. 

I'm finding the best way to stay present is to embrace that my present is exploring questions of my future. I'd like to pursue my writing more deliberately, and when asked by a friend what I refuse to sacrifice for a career transition I said: "1. my marriage (and after some thinking) 2. my sanity" (yes, in that order). 

So to me, transitioning means packing, planning, and making sure my primary focus remains on my relationships and my truest (and happiest) self - aided by a healthy dose of phone calls, visits, yoga and lattes.