Staying In Touch With Girlfriends

We all have those things, those things we know we could do better. For me, it's picking up a phone and dialing. I can check email, find directions, tweet, and Facebook with the best of them, but somehow, actually calling my girlfriends slips through the cracks.

As such, it may seem preposterous that I just wrote a piece for secrets to staying in touch with long distance friends. (Sure, I have the moveaholic lifestyle, but how successful am I really at staying connected)?

June was somewhat anomalous and completely wonderful. I saw three friends I adore whom I haven't seen since my wedding, two since my April Birthday, two since a March dinner in the city, a cousin since Christmas, Skype calls with a friend in Geneva, family I have't seen since Birthday or wedding and on and on, and each lunch or dinner or coffee was the best. I left feeling really connected. So at first glance a great month, but kind of crappy friend who would go that long without being in close touch?

So thank goodness there is an 'on second thought' that follows 'at first glance' because I'm about to circle back to my article on successfully staying in touch. In each of these meetings, spoken or unspoken, we picked up right where we left off. While there is much to be said for chatting regularly (and I do want to get better at using the phone for calls!) my June is a testament to staying in touch less conventionally. We live in a busy time, and everyone I know is in a busy stage. So with all that said, here is the piece I wrote for The Daily Muse on secrets to staying in touch with long-distance friends.