We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary June 10. Perhaps it would be helpful to define celebrating: we recognized that it was one year since we said "I Do"- one of us in Maine and one of us in New Jersey. We had cards for each other in our respective states, we spoke to each other over the phone first thing in the morning, and before we went to bed. We posted it on Facebook. And we agreed that once we're both in Maine and settled in July, we'd go somewhere for some delicious lobster something or other and, you guessed it, celebrate.

Our goal has been to go no more than three weeks without seeing each other (for which I am so thankful that Mac and his laid back self is able to withstand many more hours in the car without wanting to kick and scream and jump up and down, than I). When we were together on June 2, we went through the box with all of the cards we'd received for our wedding, and my dad's notes for his toast (as well as our guestbook, bien sur!). As a card person, I know there are different 'types' of cards per se - religious, long poems, short to the point, traditional, modern- but I feel like I always see the same eight or so at every store.

In very brief review, we so had many different and awesome cards! From a salt and pepper shaker (haha), to the traditional, to the sweet and heartfelt. And then of course came the notes inside- well wishes from all different perspectives and relations. We may not have frozen the top cupcake, but it was a great way to remember everyone who helped make our day so special.  I'll see Mac again Saturday and while it may not be our official anniversary, a reunion after three weeks and moving to live in the same apartment in the same state is quite sweet enough.

Finally, while we're on the subject of anniversaries, it was later in June one year ago, when I came out into the living room, laptop in hand, and declared to Mac I would start a blog. Per what I'd read, I had a list of topics to get me started, a concept, and finally a title: Grab A Latte. Here's to where it all started.