What is My Shark Tank Idea?

One of my favorite shows this year is ABC's Shark Tank. Potential entrepreneurs ask investors such as Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban to back their products. I love hearing the contestants' ideas, how they pitch the ideas, and how the Sharks value products (and often the contestants themselves). Good luck if you value your company too high: "10% for $200,000- so you are saying your company is worth 2 million dollars, what are your sales?"

But, whenever the show is over, I find myself thinking, "What is my Shark Tank idea?" Or what unique opportunity would/could I identify and sell? And suddenly I'm thinking less about what I may discover and more about what about makes me unique- what insights or experiences would lead me to learn about a certain niche?

We all have those moments where we say, "wouldn't this or that be good or useful", or wonder if a product exists. And while I don't doubt that the entrepreneurial spirit exists within us all, must we have a Sara Blakely  Spanx moment to discover it? Mustn't we believe in our product to our core to dedicate ourselves and ask others to dedicate their funds? So from where does that inspiration come? Where does the ultimate ah-ha moment live and will our circumstances or attitude affect if we can find it?

While I have no road-map for discovery, I think the first step must be allowing ourselves to think creatively. To grab a latte and think about what we want to do or be or create when we grow up (no matter how old we are) and, of course, how we would value it.