That's The Worst (Or is it?)

Getting your car fixed after a [minor] accident, moving, being sick, looking for a new job, isolating yourself, overextending yourself- isn't there always something you could post as your Facebook status that will make friends and acquaintances sympathetically say "that's the worst!"and sometimes you think a la Monica Geller, "I know!"
But isn't that a terrible way to present (and view your life). Are you Misery Lady? If we decide the happy occurrences (reruns of a favorite show, great workout, good phone call, fast moving line at Starbucks, Us Weekly arriving) are too mundane to post on Facebook (who cares that my oatmeal was delicious?), and begin to post universally understood frustrations, what are we really saying?

The opportunity to  commiserate (even over too little sleep or too much work or not enough work) is always there. Let's look at it through the other side of the looking glass, or what I like to think of as the "It's always somebody's birthday" theory of baked goods. Even if you say, I'll only eat cake on special occasions, it's always somebody's 'birthday/ new Pinterest recipe//running late/ running early' reason for why there is always cake or doughnuts (or both) in the break room. You just have to ask yourself, 'do I want a piece of cake today?' (because there will always be one there tomorrow, and even if not, you're an adult, so no one is going to tell you you can't buy a rainbow M&M cookie with your latte later).

Some days it is really hard being an grownup. I remember being little (and precocious) and saying, "When I grow up, I won't mind getting bills, because at least I'll get mail addressed to me so much more often!" (As Dr. Phil would say, "how's that workin for ya?") I hit another car. I'm trying to transfer our cable. Yes, I got sick. But I do I really want to story of my life (because they are the stories I'm choosing to tell) to land somewhere between A Day From Seinfeld and Alarm moments? Do I want one blog to read like a female Larry David and the other to be all about gossip?

I don't think so. I don't think I want to write only to laugh at or mark the absurd and "the worst!". I want to celebrate gift baskets, and communities, and  achievements. Maybe they're not "the best" or the most noteworthy, but if you're going to take the time to grab a latte with me, I might as well limit my kvetching.