If the alarm goes off, I’m going home

I was having a crummy morning. It was my ninth day of interviewing candidates in a row and it was freezing outside. Inside as well, seeing how all I was getting from the $1500 I’d spent on a heating core replacement six weeks ago was cold air filtered through the vents of my car blowing icy cold air at my hands and feet.

I had left an additional fifteen minutes to grab a massive latte on the way to work and as I nearly exceeded that time, I rushed to my car, latte in hand and drove off on my way. As I sat in slower than usual traffic, with clearly no time for turning around, I took a hearty swig of my latte and - Holy Brink Of An Existential Bourgeois Crisis - I was holding a 20 oz cup of steaming hot milk. The ‘hurry up’ energy I was sending the universe had resulted in nothing but a clear absence of espresso in my so-called latte.

I knew I was being a brat in a world where there are real problems, but I called my husband up in near tears. “I’m in my car, I have no heat, it’s cold outside, and I’m sipping a large cup of hot milk, I have no time to turn around or get another, and I just wasted $4. I have no coffee, no heat and my morning routine is ruined…(Aren’t I just a ball of sunshine at 7:30 a.m.?)…I really just want to throw this hot milk on my broken heater and call it a day”

My husband, always being of sound advice, says, “Don’t do that.” Thank for that, honey. In fact, he gets huge brownie points and a potential nomination to Redbook’s Hottest Husband contest for an act of supreme kindness in about two paragraphs. 
Alas, I arrive at work, go to turn off the alarm and after my first go at it, it’s still beeping. If the alarm goes off, triggering the police to arrive, I tell myself, I’m just going home. I’m going home in my cold car with my warm milk and going to bed. (Clearly, I couldn’t do that in actuality but that was my plan should this alarm not turn off.)

On try two, I was able to disarm the building and got to work. About ten minutes before my first interview was due to begin, my husband arrived at my office- warm smile and turbo-charged latte in hand. I grabbed the latte and suddenly my morning and my routine were back in tact – take that Friday the 13th.