Planes, Trains & Delays

My plane has been delayed nearly three hours. But extending an olive branch as always, the universe has situated me directly between my gate, a fantastic wine bar and a store that sells Papyrus.

I have plenty of time and the people watching that is frequently squeezed into moments on benches or at coffee shops waiting for a friend, has become people engaging - I've met a group of guys who are going on a nine day golfing trip to Ireland (which apparently has the best golfing in the world) learned from a waiter what a caperberry is (a caper as we know it is only a bud, and a caperberry is a fruit of the same bush) heard from a store clerk about a 'customer' who stole one item from every shop in the terminal until he was caught, and so on.

I couldn't post a blog about time spent at the airport without a nod to one of my favorite films Love Actually - which begins with Hugh Grant telling the viewer that the arrivals gate can reaffirm our faith in humanity.

I however am not at the arrivals gate, I'm at the departure gate of an overdue flight, where no one has faith in anything and I'm just trying to have faith in my iPhone that this note will save and I’ll be able to transfer it to my blog.

I've already grabbed a latte ...and dinner at a wine bar... and a cookie… and now it’s time to break out the US Weekly and hope to grab this flight out at the newly scheduled time sans additional delays.