On Being In The Mood

I think I’ll go shopping today. And not just run in and out for one thing or get there and decide I’m not trying anything on. I’m the mood to really shop today – and while slip on shoes and undergarments that work with any outfit certainly make trying on clothes more feasible- my mall stamina on any given trip rests predominantly with my mood.

While some might always be in the mood for a little quality time at the local mall, I think one of the most precious elements of a day off with no prior commitments is that you can literally plan it in accordance with how you feel.

To some extent, we do this everyday. Am I in the mood to listen to country, rap or a morning talk show on the way to work? Am I in the mood for Jeopardy, E! News or my IPod while I cook dinner?

But there’s something about a day off, a day when you don’t drive to work in the morning that empowers you to make choices not only within the day’s structures but also about their existence – do I want to drive anywhere today? Do I want to turn on or tune into anything or do I want to read or sit outside or go for a run or lay in bed?

While the whims of certain moods may not be worth pursuing, I have found that exercising your ability to listen yourself is definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

For example, there are nutrition experts who recommend intuitive eating. They say if you really just eat what your body is in the mood for-unless you’ve already corrupted it with say a fast food or sugar addiction- your body will say to you, ‘I really need some protein’ or ‘I would love a glass of water’ or for me every morning when I wake up, after lunch and occasionally after dinner ‘hello, caffeine, my dear old friend.’

All this to say, I’m prepared to battle Labor Day crowds and parking lots today; but thankfully it’s early in the afternoon on a day off, so if when I get there I’m the mood to grab a latte, head home and shop online, I can.