How to Succeed in a Business Advice Contest

Tomorrow the Washington Post is launching a contest for someone to provide workplace advice. To say I am excited would be like saying the contestants on the Price is Right who heard Bob Barker say “a new car” were pleased.

I’m also rather anxious. I fear going up against innumerable entries. The contest is looking for the person with the liveliest advice, so I imagine everyone with a computer who has had a job or an opinion or watched The Office will log on.
One of the hardest parts right now is the teaser which essentially says come back on Wednesday for official rules and to enter. My mind is racing – log on at midnight, perhaps only the first hundred people can enter. Log on at 8 a.m., they won’t expect anyone to enter at midnight. Check it out on your lunch break and begin mulling it over. Wait to even open the page until you thought through sample situations and have ninety quiet minutes ahead  of you in case it’s like an A.P. exam where once you have the question you have to write on the spot…

So far only one person has commented on the contest. Perhaps that’s because it has not yet begun, but I do feel better than if there were 2,500 early-birds chomping at the bit.

All this to say, I’ll let you know when I grab a latte and enter the contest.