A Tale of the Gourmet Gift Basket

I pulled lemon-ginger scones out of the oven about twenty minutes ago. I don’t like lemon or ginger, but if I did, I’m betting I’d like them (and I’m banking on that supposition, bringing them to a BBQ with my husband’s family tomorrow). Last night, I made white chocolate raspberry cupcakes with raspberry frosting- a departure from my standard chocolate or vanilla- they are decidedly moist and delicious.

You may wonder what has inspired this 24-hour baking kick. Our wedding gifts are finally all out of their boxes, and I am enjoying a truly wonderful gourmet gift basket we received.

I happen to be an expert on gourmet gift baskets, having seen no less than a dozen sent to my childhood home every holiday season growing up. They were usually some eccentric twist on a theme – everything covered in chocolate, everything stuffed into candy-coated popcorn, everything you’d expect to eat on a vacation through tropical Candyland. And don’t we all remember the year of the Edible Arrangement?

So here I am opening this gift basket of raspberry vinaigrette and Vidalia onion and peppercorn dressing, roasted red pepper fettuccine, Thai BBQ marinade, miso hoisin sauce, pure vanilla extract, strawberry mojito mix, and of course raspberry cupcake and lemon ginger scone mixes. Could it be: an extravagantly useful gift basket that begs to be used and encourages the newlyweds to get into the kitchen and mix it up a bit?

Our small kitchen necessitates that anything out of the ordinary must be out of the cupboards and used in the immediate future and with this gift basket that is an absolute delight. Dare I say my opinion of the gourmet gift basket has changed? Maybe I am not the expert I had presumed I was. Every item can be an incredibly fun and practical addition to one’s kitchen! (For the record, we can overlook the organic lollipops: I can bring those to work...)

I’m off to have a raspberry cupcake, and grab a latte to go with, bien sur.