According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Newsletter

I subscribed to Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter at on a whim. I like to make, go, get, do, be and see; and who better to email me about it than someone who was making, going, getting, doing, being and seeing?

Critics see the newsletter as telling people they have to spend thousands of dollars or dine at five-star restaurants to be in-vogue. And while I may only skim the newsletters about the FAB-U-LOUS designer finds at Barneys in Chicago, I enjoy Gwyneth’s cheery tone. Her topics and opinions feel genuine, and in that way I find her approach rather egalitarian: she’s not assuming we cannot afford or understand her tastes, she’s just sharing them with us, the reader.

If anything, this is much like a dear friend of mine, who in true Sex & The City fashion can tell you the best place to get cocktails within a block of any intersection in Manhattan: just don’t expect any single cocktail at any place she recommends will be less than twenty-five dollars.

Goop isn’t all fashion and food: one of the posts upon which I have ruminated for weeks was the Be newsletter on “friendship divorce”. Gwyneth said her father used to say, “you can't make new old friends” and then had several experts comment. I felt as though I was reading what I had read before, about the power of girlfriends (which I am in no way discounting) until one said:

"‘Old friends’ and ‘true friends’ are not necessarily identical. Old friends have stood the test of time; true friends are timeless. True friends may have been in your life since your childhood or they may have shown up only yesterday, but it’s from the quality of the heart that you know them, not the number of years you’ve logged together."

 I have thought on this comment repeatedly. I have dear, old friends who are true and who’s friendship speaks to my heart, but I have also lost a couple old friends, who’s friendships I would have never imagined my life without. I continue to grapple with this idea of “what is a true friend?” and am thankful to Gwyneth for providing experts with unique perspectives on age-old questions.

Particularly during the workweek, I look forward to my break on a day when the Goop Newsletter is in my inbox. I grab a latte and sit down to read what GP has written me.