Let's grab a latte and I'll tell you about this blog I'm starting

This is a blog that has had many iterations-mostly in off-hand thought over the years-but has never come to fruition, because frankly along with never quite having found the time, I also had trouble finding the perspective and tone that felt worldwide web appropriate.

The first thoughts of such a blog began in college, when I think I envisioned writing articles that were Miss Manners meets Cosmo: my mother and E! News have both figured as key influences in my life and I felt the two could have quite a synergy.

That said, while I felt observant enough to inquire about oddities I noticed and passionate enough to go on written rants, I feared my search for humor and meaning in the blogosphere would come off as at best cynical and at worst condescending and irrelevant.

Thankfully driven forward by a chorus of those in my life telling me “You should really write a book”, I felt while I may not have whatever credentials I expect of an advice columnist or an author or a journalist; I need not be an advice columnist or an author or a journalist. I had something to say: I enjoy current events and pop culture, and much like my mismatched childhood dream of being the president and a supermodel, I could simply blog on the odd mix of topics I find interesting.

So here goes: let’s grab a latte and catch up. Thank you for taking an interest in my blog.