Why You Don't Speak Up at Meetings (and How to Start)

There are many reasons someone might be hesitant to speak up in meetings — fear of public speaking, being afraid of rejection or even worrying about the ramifications of disagreeing with your boss.

These are real challenges that shouldn’t be dismissed offhand. However, it’s a mistake to view them as obstacles you can’t overcome, because sharing your ideas is a critical component to advancement. 

Consider how much emphasis is placed on personal branding and visibility when you’re looking for a job. You update your social profiles, you get yourself out there and network, and maybe you even set up a personal website or begin routinely posting your thoughts on LinkedIn. You go out of your way to demonstrate that you’re someone who’ll bring a unique perspective to the company.

But once you’re gainfully employed, you go along to get along, thinking your boss will appreciate your agreeability. But the employees who stand out to managers are the ones who share what they’re thinking so their boss knows what they’re truly capable of.

So, with that in mind, here are two common reasons people don’t speak up at work (and how to overcome them):

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