How to Respond to an Email That Didn't Answer Your Question

You followed the best practices to get a response to your email, including shortening the overall length and simplifying your language. But you still didn’t get back the response you needed.

Maybe you asked a series of questions and got back a two-word, “Sounds good!” Or you could have asked what to do next and received a reply with no indication of how to move forward.

These kinds of cryptic emails are nearly as inconvenient as receiving no response at all. You need to follow up to get the information you were originally looking for, but you also have to be diplomatic about it. You can’t simply type back, “Could you re-read the email, pay attention to the paragraphs I spent so much time preparing, and answer my questions directly?”

So, try these phrases, which will help you get the answers you need (and help everyone save face).

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