4 Tough Job Search Truths (That You Just Have to Accept)

You embark on a job search because you want a new (better) position. It’s the very opposite of an “enjoy the journey” endeavor. You’re not in it because of the joys of interviewing: You’re sticking it out for the end result.

But like so many goals that involve an arduous process (going back to school, training for a long-distance race, launching a side gig), there are days when you just want to quit. You want to cut through the inefficiencies that are there “just because,” and find a friend and a bottle of wine so you can rant about how stupid and hard it all is.

On the bright side, you’re completely entitled to the friend, the bottle of wine, and the rant. But, that daydream of opting out of every annoying part the job search process? While pretty much everyone would agree with you that certainly aspects totally suck, they too know that there are boxes you just have to check to be considered for a new role.

With that in mind, here are four hard search job truths you’re going to have to accept in order to be successful.

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