Why Job Seekers Shouldn't Describe Themselves as Passionate (and What to Say Instead)

It’s true that hiring managers want passionate candidates—people who are fired up about the position, the company, and even life itself.

But here’s where it gets sticky: Everyone knows it. So, in one cover letter after the next, and one meeting after another, all interviewers hear is “passion, passion, passion,” and candidates start to blend together.

I know, it’s ironic—even unfair—that you’d pick a word to get to the core of who you are and what an opportunity means to you, and rather than differentiate you, it just makes you sound like everyone else. And at first, you might feel worried: What if that’s really who you are? If you don’t talk about being passionate, how will the interviewer get that you really care?

Well, take it from this writer—sometimes looking for a different way to say something helps you say it better. So, think about what you’re trying to get across and try some of these alternatives:

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