Should You Talk About Your Personal life When You're Looking for a Job?

Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time wrote in an article for Fortune:

"Increasingly, people are rejecting the notion of ‘work/life balance’ in favor of another metaphor: ‘Work/life integration’… That’s what I found when I recently completed a time diary study of 1,001 days in the lives of high-earning women and their families. A full 75% of time logs showed something personal during traditional work hours: exercise, school visits. On the flip side, 77% showed work outside the workday norm. Women took calls after their kids went to bed. They wrote reports on weekends."

So, as modern work habits blur personal and professional lives, it’s not surprising to think that this trend would extend to the job search. And it does: According to Forbes contributor Dan Schawbel nearly half of job searchers “say that flexibility is the most important aspect” when searching for a new position.

But how do you find the balance? How do you ascertain whether a role will work with your particular situation, without getting too personal? The secret is varying your answers by a degree so that they’re appropriate for each stage of the job search process. Here’s how:

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