3 Types of Interviewers Who Will Throw You Off Your Game (and How to Prepare for Each One)

As a job applicant, you tend to think a lot about your role in an interview. Much of your prep is you-focused: coming up with stories about your experience, considering unique contributions you could make, and preparing answers for why you’re personally interested in the company mission.

But as you know, interviewers figure likability into the equation when deciding who to offer a position to. That’s why sometimes the person with the perfect qualifications on paper is passed over for someone who seems like a better “fit.”

In other words, no matter how “good” a response is, it’ll resonate with some people more than others. So, along with practicing some go-to answers, give a bit of consideration to how you’ll adjust your strategy based on the person you end up meeting with.

Here are some common types of tough interviewers—and how you can win them over:

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